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Access a range of articles, podcasts, videos and useful materials from our expert team at AXA IM Select and our leading, global fund group partners. You will find information on a variety of topics such as financial markets, multi-manager investing, macroeconomics, responsible investing and ESG and themes such as Megatrends to help keep you up to speed on the latest news and views.

Investment Basics - Understanding diversification

Article | Podcasts | 10/06/2024

AXA IM Select’s Lorna Denny sat down with J.P. Morgan’s Vincent Juvyns to discuss the aim of diversification in relation to investments and how this can help to keep a portfolio resilient during market ups and downs.

The View - asset allocation update

Article | Investments | 10/06/2024

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) kept interest rates on hold, with chair Jay Powell indicating that patience is needed to “let restrictive policy do its work”. The minutes of the Fed’s latest meeting showed some policymakers favouring a rate hike, although Powell signalled such a move was unlikely.

On the investment radar 2H 2024: Will patience be...

Article | Podcasts | 06/06/2024

So far, 2024 has proved a little more complicated than markets were expecting. Jay Powell, chair of the US Federal Reserve warned consistently that US rates could stay ‘higher for longer’, and indeed they have, but elsewhere rate cuts could be imminent.

Market Snapshot - May 2024

Article | Investments | 05/06/2024

May has been a month for elections, with India, Mexico and South Africa all going to the polls. For India, early results indicate a continuation of the status quo, while in Mexico the first female president was elected by a landslide.

Monthly Review - May 2024

Article | Investments | 04/06/2024

President Biden announced a big jump in tariffs on imports of clean tech products from China. This includes a doubling of tariffs on electric vehicles to 100% and a hike to 50% tariffs on solar panels. Biden’s $18 billion of tariffs adds to the $300 billion imposed under the Trump presidency.

Swiftonomics: what’s the big story?

Article | Investments | 04/06/2024

Demand for tickets to attend Taylor Swift’s global concert tour, known as the Eras Tour, has hit unprecedented heights. The frenzy is such that the impact on local and even national economies can be significant. So much so, that the US Federal Reserve (Fed) made mention of the Philadelphia concerts in its Beige Book for June last year.

US markets in the election year

Article | Market updates | 30/05/2024

Everything about the United States is big – its financial markets, its economy and the companies listed there. And it continues to confound investors’ expectations. Many economists expected it would slip into recession in 2023, but instead it delivered above average economic growth.

Unpacking the E, the S and the G

Article | ESG | 21/05/2024

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors are the three pillars of sustainable investing. But how are investors prioritising these factors? Our most recent study sheds light on this question, revealing some surprising insights into investor preferences.

Investor knowledge gap

Article | ESG | 21/05/2024

Aligning investments with their personal values and ethical principles is an ongoing consideration for many investors. However, navigating the complex landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing can be challenging.

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Access our archive of articles, podcasts, videos and useful materials from our expert team at Architas and our leading, global fund group partners.

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