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AXA IM Select

ESG Investing:
a global investor study

Discover the latest insights from our global investor study on ESG investing. In this 2nd wave of the study, we delve into the perspectives of 12,000 consumers across 12 markets in Europe and Asia, gaining valuable insights on how views have evolved since our initial survey in 2021. Explore the key findings and access the report by clicking on the link below.


Who are we

AXA IM Select is a specialist investment multi-manager, part of AXA Investment Managers. We offer unit linked products and services for AXA & joint venture clients in more than 10 countries across Europe and Asia , as well as Wealth Management services in Belgium. We currently look after €32 billion on behalf of clients as at 31st March 2024.


Latest Insights

Unpacking the E, the S and the G

Article | ESG | 21/05/2024

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors are the three pillars of sustainable investing. But how are investors prioritising these factors? Our most recent study sheds light on this question, revealing some surprising insights into investor preferences.

Investor knowledge gap

Article | ESG | 21/05/2024

Aligning investments with their personal values and ethical principles is an ongoing consideration for many investors. However, navigating the complex landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing can be challenging.

Investment priorities: the role of ESG

Article | ESG | 21/05/2024

Individual investors are faced with a multitude of factors to consider, when choosing with whom and how to invest. These include assessing the potential investment providers, as well as the specific product features they see as important.

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