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All your insights on Responsible Investing (ESG)

Our full back catalogue of articles and useful materials from AXA IM Select and our global partners focusing on Responsible Investing (ESG) to aid your investment journey and broaden your knowledge.

Breaking Down Barriers to ESG Investing

Article | ESG | 15/07/2024

The Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing landscape is evolving rapidly. While interest remains high, our recent survey reveals a complex picture of investor attitudes and behaviours. This article examines the key barriers facing ESG investing, as well as  potential solutions for overcoming them.

Unpacking the E, the S and the G

Article | ESG | 21/05/2024

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors are the three pillars of sustainable investing. But how are investors prioritising these factors? Our most recent study sheds light on this question, revealing some surprising insights into investor preferences.

Investor knowledge gap

Article | ESG | 21/05/2024

Aligning investments with their personal values and ethical principles is an ongoing consideration for many investors. However, navigating the complex landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing can be challenging.

Investment priorities: the role of ESG

Article | ESG | 21/05/2024

Individual investors are faced with a multitude of factors to consider, when choosing with whom and how to invest. These include assessing the potential investment providers, as well as the specific product features they see as important.

Responsible spotlight - February 2024

Article | ESG | 20/02/2024

Despite its image as one of the world’s most sustainable countries, in January 2024 Norway became the first country to licence deep sea exploration for critical metals and minerals in its territorial waters.

Responsible spotlight - January 2024

Article | ESG | 24/01/2024

Over the past few years, legal and illegal migration to the world’s most developed economies has been at what the OECD calls ‘unprecedented levels’.  Stripping out millions of Ukrainian refugees, more than a third of OECD member countries are reporting their highest migration in at least 15 years, driven by humanitarian and employment considerations. 

Responsible spotlight - November 2023

Article | ESG | 20/11/2023

The 2018 bestseller ‘Factfulness’ by Hans Rosling seeks to counterbalance some of the pessimism about the state of the world. It provides numerous examples of how global trends are continuing to improve.

Responsible spotlight - October 2023

Article | ESG | 24/10/2023

It is estimated that 80% of the world’s tourists visit only 10% of its destinations. In September 2023 and for the first time, Venice offered more beds for tourists than for residents. 

Responsible spotlight - September 2023

Article | ESG | 12/09/2023

Against the backdrop of what the United Nations (UN) describe as the ‘triple planetary crisis of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution’, sustainable finance has grown rapidly in recent years. And environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles are now viewed with greater urgency in business and investment strategies. 

Responsible spotlight - July 2023

Article | ESG | 19/07/2023

In a world where poor diet is the most common cause of death and yet some governments struggle to feed their populace, it might seem strange that there are compelling reasons to eat less meat.

Responsible spotlight - June 2023

Article | ESG | 27/06/2023

It’s only early summer in the northern hemisphere, and yet temperature records are already toppling. May tied as the second warmest month globally, while June average temperatures so far have been the highest ever recorded. 

Responsible spotlight - May 2023

Article | ESG | 30/05/2023

A prominent indicator of the post-pandemic normalisation following wide ranging shutdowns during Covid has been the recovery in air passenger traffic.

Responsible spotlight - April 2023

Article | ESG | 18/04/2023

The most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen has been used as a fuel since the beginning of the 19th century. Infinitely renewable, it is also pollution free when burnt.

Responsible spotlight - March 2023

Article | ESG | 27/03/2023

The oil majors reported record earnings in 2022, as energy markets were driven higher by the invasion of Ukraine and sanctions on Russian oil & gas exports. BP, for example, generated profits that were the highest in its history.

Responsible spotlight - February 2023

Article | ESG | 27/02/2023

European countries are locked in a heated debate over how best to respond to the Biden administration’s Inflation Reduction Act (‘The Act’), amid mounting evidence that it has already caused the EU to lose out on green investment to North America.

Responsible spotlight - January 2023

Article | ESG | 18/01/2023

Sky-high energy prices and supply worries mean the world is suddenly prioritising energy efficiency. 2022 has been marked by various milestone policy announcements designed to boost investment in clean energy and improve energy efficiency.

Responsible spotlight - November 2022

Article | ESG | 30/11/2022

Fraught negotiations at the COP27 in Egypt produced a landmark deal. This should see vulnerable countries compensated for the acute damage caused by climate change.

Responsible spotlight - October 2022

Article | ESG | 25/10/2022

US President Joe Biden signed a $740 billion climate change, healthcare and tax bill into law. Heralding the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) for its record investment in cutting carbon emissions. The act is the largest investment to fight climate change in US history.

Responsible spotlight - September 2022

Article | ESG | 28/09/2022

Cryptocurrencies have not had the best environmental track record and it’s easy to understand why. The primary argument for crypto not being ESG-friendly stems from the processing power required to mine the cryptocurrency and complete transactions in it.

Responsible spotlight - July 2022

Article | ESG | 27/07/2022

President Joe Biden came into office hoping to be the most eco-friendly president in US history, with ambitious plans to fight the threat of climate change. But he has been thwarted every step of the way by congressional and judicial roadblocks.

Responsible spotlight - June 2022

Article | ESG | 24/06/2022

As the world faces the challenge of transitioning to a carbon-free future by 2050, companies are facing pressure to operate their businesses more sustainably to meet ambitious net-zero targets.

Responsible spotlight - April 2022

Article | ESG | 22/04/2022

New facts and insights from the world of responsible investing, available to you every month.

Responsible spotlight - March 2022

Article | ESG | 31/03/2022

New facts and insights from the world of responsible investing, available to you every month.

Responsible spotlight - February 2022

Article | ESG | 10/02/2022

New facts and insights from the world of responsible investing, available to you every month.

The ESG regulation race is on

Article | ESG | 12/01/2022

Sustainable finance regulation keeps coming at a dizzyingly fast pace. We round up the state of play heading into 2022.

Responsible spotlight - December 2021

Article | ESG | 20/12/2021

New facts and insights from the world of responsible investing, available to you every month.

Responsible spotlight - November 2021

Article | ESG | 23/11/2021

New facts and insights from the world of responsible investing, available to you every month.

COP26 - what happened?

Article | ESG | 17/11/2021

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) brought together leaders from more than 120 nations in Glasgow. Here, we look at the main takeaways from the conference, and what they could mean for investors.

Responsible spotlight - October 2021

Article | ESG | 15/10/2021

New facts and insights from the world of responsible investing, available to you every month.

The Ethical pension saver

Article | ESG | 14/10/2021

Here, we take a closer look at saving for retirement, and why people might choose to align their pension investments with their personal beliefs.

Advice is key to quenching investor thirst for ESG...

Article | ESG | 26/09/2021

Our decisions are often a product of our environment. Rarely is it the case that any single decision we make in our lives is based purely on only one influence. 

Responsible spotlight - September 2021

Article | ESG | 17/09/2021

New facts and insights from the world of responsible investing, available to you every month.

Could transparency be the most important enabler...

Article | ESG | 10/09/2021

Sustainability is everywhere. What used to be a niche topic is now part of our day-to-day business and personal discussions.

Building consumer-centric ESG funds

Article | ESG | 26/08/2021

It’s clear that different things matter to different people. And that’s particularly true for environmental, social or governance (ESG) investment strategies. Our research demonstrates that there are certain industries people believe should never be included in an ESG fund.

Responsible spotlight - August 2021

Article | ESG | 13/08/2021

New facts and insights from the world of responsible investing, available to you every month.

Breaking down the E, S and the G – mixing the...

Article | ESG | 11/08/2021

What is ESG? From this simple question comes seemingly unending complexity. 

What’s in a name? Tackling ESG confusion

Article | ESG | 28/07/2021

As the world transitions towards a carbon-free future we have witnessed impressive growth in terms of inflows into ESG funds. However, despite the flurry of new and repackaged funds offered to retail investors, it remains an emerging market in the retail space.

The ethical expectations of end-investors

Article | ESG | 15/07/2021

Our latest research into the views of 11,000 individual investors and prospective investors in 11 markets across Asia and Europe gives us key insight into perceptions and understanding of ESG investing, the motivations behind why people invest, and how investors would like their hard-earning savings to be invested.

Demystifying responsible investing and sustainable...

Article | ESG | 30/06/2021

In recent years, issues around sustainability have become increasingly important for investors and the wider public. To meet this demand, a broad range of investment approaches has emerged, aiming to address these issues in different ways and to varying extents.

Why Emerging Market bond investors can no longer...

Article | ESG | 25/05/2021

Governments everywhere are racing to lock in historically low borrowing costs by issuing ever longer dated debt – in recent years Mexico and Argentina even managed to sell century bonds. 

Partner insight from Pictet Asset Management

The Changing Climate for Sustainable Investment

Article | ESG | 25/05/2021

If the first two decades of the 21st century were about awareness, the next 10 years will be marked by transition. The impact of the changes made over the next decade, in human consumption patterns and how we maintain the planet’s resources, will define our future.

Partner insight from AXA IM.

An investor’s guide to climate change: the simple...

Article | ESG | 18/05/2021

Climate change is real, it is being driven by record and still-rising greenhouse gas emissions and human activity is mostly responsible for it. The impact of global warming is becoming uncomfortably tangible.

Partner insight from Schroders Investment Management

Mega trends everywhere

Article | ESG | 14/05/2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across many sectors, but it has also led to an acceleration in long-term mega trends, linked to technological, demographic and environmental change.

Partner insight from Natixis Investment Managers

The inflation conundrum

Article | ESG | 13/05/2021

Inflation fears are rumbling through financial markets again.

Partner insight from Pictet Asset Management

Why you shouldn’t try to time the top of the...

Article | ESG | 06/05/2021

At the end of March, the S&P 500 index of US large companies was valued at 34 times its earnings over the past 12 months.

Partner insight from Schroders Investment Management

Can sustainable investing really save the world?

Article | ESG | 22/04/2021

From where we were to where we stand…can sustainable investing really save the world?

From where we were to where we stand…can sustainable investing really save the world?

Partner insight from Natixis Investment Managers

Why the going is about to get tougher for...

Article | ESG | 15/04/2021

2020 was an extraordinary year for climate change action. Public opinion, governments, businesses and financial markets all had major shifts in their appreciation of the urgent need to address the climate crisis. 

Partner insight from Schroders Investment Management

Responsible Spotlight - April 2021

Article | ESG | 15/04/2021

New facts and insights from the world of responsible investing, available to you every month.

Smart data centres: a green real estate...

Article | ESG | 08/04/2021

The expansion of the digital economy is fuelling demand for data centres, but also raising concerns about their energy use. The solution to this problem comes in the form of an attractive green real estate investment. 

Partner insight from Pictet Asset Management

New Asian century: post-pandemic opportunity

Article | ESG | 24/03/2021

A year after the Covid-19 outbreak triggered widespread social and economic upheaval, Asia is emerging out of the crisis stronger and with greater influence on the world stage, pulling the globe’s economic centre of gravity steadily to the East.

Partner insight from Pictet Asset Management

Bond investors and sustainability: is it all...

Article | ESG | 24/03/2021

In 2020, the global issuance of green bonds alone totalled $226 billion as governments and companies sought finance for planet-friendly initiatives, Bloomberg has revealed. That’s compared to about $40 billion at the end of 2015.

Partner insight from Schroders Investment Management

Are digital currencies the future of money?

Article | ESG | 22/03/2021

As technology and finance grow increasingly intertwined, how will new forms of money shake up the global economy? And what opportunities will they create along the way? 

Partner insight from Natixis Investment Managers

What investors can learn from Bill Gates’ climate...

Article | ESG | 19/03/2021

When one of the world’s wealthiest individuals writes a book on avoiding climate disaster – and suggests changes we all need to make to our lifestyles – it is easy to be cynical.

Partner insight from Schroders Investment Management

Blended finance: Finding the right mix of public...

Article | ESG | 12/03/2021

A blend of public and private money has certainly achieved a wealth of success in the past. In the US, the combination of public and private investment enabled many of the early infrastructure projects to be realised. 

Partner insight from Natixis Investment Managers

Responsible Spotlight - March 2021

Article | ESG | 11/03/2021

New facts and insights from the world of responsible investing, available to you every month.

Climate impact: think beyond stocks

Article | ESG | 10/03/2021

As attention increases for investors to take action on climate change, bondholders are taking active steps to influence issuers, while pension funds have the investment scale to meaningfully drive ESG progress.

Partner insight from BlueBay Asset Management

Can China really become carbon net zero by 2060?

Article | ESG | 10/03/2021

Is China serious about decarbonising? And how does a country that consumes more coal that the rest of the world combined get to carbon neutrality?

Partner insight from Schroders Investment Management

Responsible investing under a Biden presidency

Article | ESG | 24/02/2021

On 20 January, Joe Biden became the 46th president of the United States. Here we look at Biden’s plans in areas such as climate change and green infrastructure, and consider what these could mean for responsible investing.

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