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Why AXA IM Select

Our expertise in multi-manager investing means we can help investors meet their different investment goals. Instead of focusing on a single asset or style, investors can access and benefit from a wide range of funds run by specialist managers. 

A specialist multi-manager

Our sole focus is on providing multi-manager products and services to our clients. Rather than picking individual stocks, we pick the stock pickers. Our dedicated team of investment professionals carry out a rigorous four-stage investment process to ensure that only what we believe to be the best managers make it into our portfolios.

Combining freedom with strength

We have full freedom to choose managers from across the investment universe. This includes funds from AXA IM, but we treat them the same as any other investment. In addition, with the global reach and reputation of the AXA Group behind us, we really can access the very best opportunities, wherever we find them.

Focused on responsible investing

From ensuring ESG criteria are fully integrated into our investment process to launching dedicated portfolios, we believe that investing responsibly is vital and will benefit our clients and the wider community over the long term. At the heart of it, aligned with the AXA Group, our purpose is to act for human progress by protecting what matters.

A growing global footprint

We have a global presence with offices across Europe and Asia, operating in over ten countries and currently managing or advising €32.5 billion on behalf of our clients as at 30th June 2024. Having our people on the ground helps us to design products and services centred around differing client needs.

Why multi-management?

Put simply, multi-manager investing combines the talents of many fund managers into one portfolio, allowing investors easy access to what we believe to be the best funds available. There are several advantages to this investment approach.

Best in class

As a multi-manager, we are able to partner with those we believe to be the best managers available from across the investment universe. We then combine these managers into a single investment solution for our clients, ensuring they benefit from having a specialist manage each aspect of their portfolio.

Active management

We actively manage our portfolios, adjusting allocations to take advantage of opportunities we see in the market and responding to changing conditions. This allows us to effectively manage the risk for our clients and provide a smoother return over time.


Our portfolios are diversified across a wide range of sectors, geographies and in some cases asset classes. Each investment will behave differently in varying market conditions, so by spreading investments in this way we are able to build more resilient portfolios.

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