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Did you know?

2 years ago

An incentive to engage with clients on the issue of responsible investing

Our latest research showed that a quarter of retail clients in Europe (26%) and Asia (26%) said they had not had a conversation with their adviser about environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing factors in the past. And that if these conversations did take place, they were almost as likely to be initiated by the client as by their adviser.

Despite this, a significant portion of investors who do not currently hold an ESG investment (34% in Europe and 46% in Asia) responded that they will likely add one in the future.

Our findings demonstrate an incentive, low-hanging fruit, for intermediaries that engage with their client base on the issue of responsible investing. By better understanding clients’ needs on ESG-related issues, you can help to educate clients about how best to reflect those needs within their portfolios. Ultimately, having the conversation with all clients can help to unlock more business of this kind.


Did you know that 40% of investors who don’t currently hold an ESG investment have said that they would likely add one in the future?

Did you know?

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